Wednesday, 23 February 2011

"What Do You Think About Thursday's Referendum?" "Err... I Don't Know What That Is... HI MUM! I'M ON TV!"

It would seem that my new, peaceful outlook on life has been somewhat short lived. Barely a week after writing my last post I found myself screaming obscenities at my printer as it shot out 30 blank pages of paper and then insisted it had run out. After having a slight panic attack due to getting my foot tangled in my laptop wires, I decided that it was not a technology day and went outside for a walk. I have an essay due on Thursday, which can only mean two things: Stress, and a new blog post. This week has been reading week, which basically means most of my housemates have gone home and I have no lectures so have to stretch my imagination a little to keep myself amused. I like to set myself little challenges when I'm bored, like trying to get my socks and shoes off without using hands, or taking what I want out of the fridge fast enough so as not to let "The Smell" out. (We're not sure what it is, but everyone's too scared to investigate so instead we just make sure the door isn't open for longer than two seconds). I have been setting myself academic challenges too, though (challenge one: do something), but it's just so difficult when the internet is around. The other day, I was researching something for my dissertation and somehow went from a website about jail statistics in England and Wales to a website dedicated to cats that look like Voldemort from Harry Potter... I then spent a fair amount of time wondering if putting my phone near my stomach would effect my ovaries. I did finally get round to writing something, though. I applaud myself on my ability refrain from inserting sarcastic comments into my essays when writing them. "He impressed his new found lover, Myra Hindley, with his ability to read Mein Kampf in the original German." - I mean, honestly, how can a girl resist? It's pretty disheartening, though, when you discover that the idea you're using 10,000 words to write up is summed up in a text book in one paragraph. This is why I hate text books. I never understand why they have a dedication, either. "To my children and my loving husband, here is a book on rape statistics..." I wonder who Mein Kampf was dedicated to.
I'm going home again this weekend and hopefully it won't result in being cornered by sheep like last time... It wouldn't have been as bad had I not then been electrocuted by an electric fence when trying to escape. I may as well have been naked and just got all my humiliation out in one go. The thing I do like about being in Yorkshire, though, is being able to get changed in my bedroom with the curtains open, safe in the knowledge that I will not accidentally flash a family with small children and grandparents on a day trip... Which has obviously never happened before... Anyway...
This week has been pretty good to say I thought I would be stuck indoors. I went to Prestatyn beach with Belinda yesterday, which was fun although I can't say paddling in the Irish Sea in February was the best idea we've ever had. If you've ever been stabbed 32 times in the foot, you'll know what I'm talking about. My personal highlight was watching as two men from the BBC carrying a massive camera approached Belinda and asked her what she thought of Thursday's referendum, only to be met with an embarrassed laugh and a utter of, "Err... I don't know what that means... Sorry." They looked gutted that the only person they'd spoken to didn't know what they were talking about. Amazing. I definitely hope it's on telly.