Saturday, 8 January 2011

Public Transport... It's Not For Everyone.

There’s nothing worse than an awkward situation except an awkward situation that takes place on public transport. 
  • The bus. The lesser of four evils. Something horrible has happened? Pretend it is your stop, get off, and walk the next mile to your house as you inwardly cringe.
  • The taxi. The third most upsetting. The silent taxi drive is relatively awkward, but the worst case is when the taxi driver starts to talk to you, and after ‘are you getting the train to anywhere nice?’ (I don’t know about anyone else, but the train station is the only place I ever get a taxi to), there is nothing left to say and you are left with that heavy silence where both feel compelled to say something, and yet neither knows what. 
  • The car. Not at all awkward if you are with friends and/or family, but incredibly so if you’re with say, your boss, who is giving you a ride home. OR, as has happened before, you are being dropped off but arrive early at your destination and are consequently forced to sit there and listen (with no background engine noise/radio) as your mother explains to you the joy of childbirth until it is time to leave.
  • The plane. The worst of all awkward social situations. Especially if said awkward situation occurs right at the beginning of a twelve hour flight. Or, for instance, say the man in the aisle seat has fallen asleep and you need to get out to use the bathroom. Say he looks in such a deep sleep that you feel confident enough to take the risk. You start to climb over him. He wakes up. It is in this moment that you suddenly start to evaluate your life, 32,000 ft. in the air and straddling a complete stranger.

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Thinking outloud said...

LOL =) That is funny, fortunately I have been in neither of those situations. Somehow I can imagine the awkwardness as you've described it. (...straddling a complete stranger) Gold!