Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions (so far...)

I'm aware that in my last blog I stated that I hadn't made any New Year's Resolutions - and when I wrote that, it was entirely true. However, I've recently realised that I had secretly made some to myself (who knew my mind could work on so many levels?) and I didn't realise what they were until I had broken them. The first to go out of the window was probably the most important during this stage of my degree - Attend All Lectures and Seminars to the Best of One's Ability. It didn't take long for this one to shatter around me. In fact, I actually missed the first seminar of the year as I was snuggled up in bed, fast asleep. This wasn't really my fault though as I had caught some hideous disease from my sister just before I left Bradford and was therefore forced to sleep it off whilst the rest of my class came to their academic climaxes delving deep into discussions about Virginia Woolf. (Seriously, I like her and everything, but the enthusiasm of some of my classmates is a little too much. The other day I even saw someone sporting a 'Who's Afraid of the Woolf?' badge... Next thing, they'll be throwing themselves into the river Dee in a homage to good ol' Ginny.) The next resolution I made without realising and then broke mercilessly regarded money (as, I'm sure, comes into everyone's Top Five Desert Island Resolutions, along with food, sex, exercise and general self-control). I was walking past HMV, and before I knew it I had gone in, bought a new pair of headphones, insisted that I did not want a points card, and was walking out again before I'd even had chance to comprehend what had happened. So there went £15. I'm not entirely sure what the rest of my subconscious resolutions are, so I'm just going to have to make a few more mistakes before I can really get stuck in with being a better human. If you could all just bear with me for the rest of my twenties, it would be appreciated.

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