Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Clinging Onto the Rails, One Drumstick at a Time.

It has now been well over a month since my last blog and I find myself asking, 'Where the fuck did October go?!' I remember very little about it, to be honest, it is mainly just a blur of dissertation titles, drumsticks and zombie-green facepaint, (at one point, all at the same time). I have probably been too caught up in the whirlwind adventure that is third year after being immediately gripped by the excitement of English Literature during my first seminar when it was explained we would be spending the next two weeks looking over a variety of poems, one of which was entitled 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. Seriously. It didn't help that I had just walked up a colossal hill to get there and proceeded to choose the only seat next to the World's Hottest Radiator (capital letters, just so you know how hot it was). Obviously, as has always been the case in my life, no one else seemed to be even warm in the slightest, nevermind sweating profusely and wishing they were dead. One girl was even wearing a Parker coat, which seemed to me to just really take the piss. Still, at least I was reassured in my later Sociology lecture that, unless any of us went 'completely off the rails' (I'm sure he looked at me), we should pass. I spent  the next two hours drifting in and out of consciousness, zoning back in just in time to hear my lecturer starting a debate about how an alien would respond to a raisin, talking about the mating habits of a fox and making sure we were all aware that a mole lives in a hole. I'm not sure what exactly that has to do with positivism, but I'm clinging to the rails with both hands, so hey! I should pass!

In regards to my dissertation, I'm not sure clinging on tightly to the metaphorical rails will help me pass that one. Due, I'll admit, to my lack of paying any attention whatsoever to the module homepage, I didn't realise the deadline for the proposal was so soon and spent one morning pacing up and down outside the Sociology building hurriedly inventing a research question. Then, through no fault of my own because I couldn't secure a meeting with my 'dissertation supervisor', I had to fill in a 'request for ethical approval' form without any idea what any of it meant. Not an easy task. Somehow, I don't think that after being given a paragraph and then an extra sheet of paper,  the answer 'possibly' will suffice... 

Starting today, though, (well, not today, because I'm tired and Peter's coming over, and not tomorrow because I'll be getting the train back to Chester and it'll take ages and then I'm going to watch TV), but starting Friday, I will be a new, improved version of myself. I am going to:

  • Stop being a sarcastic bastard (only to an extent though, there's only so much I can change).
  • Not hide in the back of lectures eating drumsticks and making sarcastic notes about how little I am gaining from this 'learning experience'.
  • Resist the urge to escape from lectures during the half time break.
  • Stop spending money on things I don't need.
  • Stop being an annoying housemate (this includes waiting until someone has gone to get their towel and then jumping in their bath fully clothed.)
  • Stop eating drumsticks as a substitute for meals.
  • Wash clothes more often. (And hair).
  • Alternatively, buy new underwear.
  • Be ace.

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Nana Sue said...

I love you lots and your blogs make me laugh but i do worry about how you will cope in the REAL WORLD come the end of student life !!!!