Sunday, 11 April 2010

I Sometimes Wonder Why Work Pay Me. Oh, Apparently, They Don't.

So the other week, as I stood in Starbucks scrounging money off Paul because my card had been declined, I wondered why it was I had so little money and absolutely nothing to show for it. Well, almost nothing - I was sporting a pretty awesome new "iBlog" t-shirt at the time, but other than that - nada. Turns out, since my work have decided to up their image and cease paying us in dodgy envelopes full of cash and instead pay us into our bank accounts, somewhere down the line I have missed out on £262 worth of wages. £262! That's at least 1,541 Chomps (it would have been 1,746 if it wasn't for a certain raise in price that we won't mention...), so I'm not really sure how I only just noticed seeing as I was meant to be paid in December... Still, it's going into my bank account tomorrow and it nicely coincides with my grant, which should also be going in tomorrow. Exciting times - I might even treat myself to a Chomp...

Now I'm back in Chester, things on the work side of life are definitely in full swing and I seem to be on some kind of academic roll - and today has been no exception. Over the weekend, I've produced an amazing 1,500 words (yes, amazing, it is the most productive I have been all year) so I'm pretty proud of myself at the moment, even though I did spend a lot of the day obsessively saving and e-mailing myself my essay every time I added 100 words... But other than that, very productive. I am, of course, not including a slight blip the other day when I somehow managed to spell 'bread' B-R-E-D... I know people make mistakes, but I don't know how forgivable that one really is. I was also on the verge of giving up when I was so close to reaching my word count and trivial things such as 'and/or' only being counted as one word kept slowing me down. I rose above it though and triumphed by going back and inserting the forename of every theorist I had written about, alongside a short biography of their life. 

Not much else has happened alongside making mix CDs and seeing Lisa from Steps in RBs. (Yes, actual Lisa Scott-Lee, and yes, it was the best moment of my life). Now I've just got to wait until the 22nd of April when all exam and essay stress will be gone for at least five months, even though it will be tainted with the fact that Jayne is flying off to another country for three... I'm going to see Ash with Peter on the 24th though, so that might just ease my wounds a little. Especially if Chomps are involved. 


Pedro ze Lion said...

You'll be happy to hear Chomps will be involved =D
(If you remind me to buy some that is =P)

Taaryn said...

Oh Amy, how I miss thee!