Friday, 26 March 2010

"Salem, I Want To Go To Bed - Stop Trying To Leap Over My Shitting Head."

After two and a half weeks of no blogging and complete dedication to my studies (or something), I have decided I deserve a break as I feel I am going slightly mad - the other night I almost cried at an episode of Power Rangers such is the extent of my mental state. Yesterday was very productive, until my laptop blew up (bless it). By the time it had cooled down, I had lost all motivation and spent the rest of the day doing shit all. Today was very productive, but I have just made a list of all the things I need to do before I go back to uni and am feeling in quite the state of despair. 

Despite this, there has been a cause for celebration because, as of last Friday, all my lectures for my second year are OVER! I didn't realise until about a week ago when it dawned on me that after the Easter holidays I would no longer have to sit in a stuffy lecture room, watching my lecturer prance around the front of the hall overly-repeating not funny "jokes" about conservatives and sweating profusely from every pore... Last week he spent thirty minutes telling us a story about how someone supporting the conservative party had knocked on his door with a flyer. Subsequently, he chased them down the street with a ukulele calling them a bastard and telling them to 'get off his land'... He's such a cheery fellow. Also, another cause for celebration, I got a first on my Romantics essay - very exciting. According to my tutor is was 'a truly exceptional piece of work'. My tutor is a bit mental, and she'd spelt truly wrong, but I'm still counting it. (She sent me an e-mail explaining that she had been in an emotional mood when she marked it after reading a particularly harrowing book about Keats, but reassured me it that had been second-marked by someone more mentally stable...) I'm not really sure how I got it anyway, all I can remember from the seminar on Keats is having a slight panic and having to leave after the split second I realised my chewing gum was stuck to the top of the pen I was chewing...

Seeing as exams start in about three weeks, life has been pretty dull as of late, apart from the fact that number 53 appear to have gained a new pet cat which has been Christened 'Salem' by the lads next door. It's a bit of a crafty bastard though, the other night I was putting the bins out and I ended up spending ten minutes trying to get back into my own house without it running past my legs or leaping over my head (which it tried more than once, pretty daring given I am about 20 times the size of it). In the end, I had to trick it into thinking I was walking the other way (sly, I know) and then rush back into the house as quickly as I could, resisting the urge to stand on its tail as I did so. (I wouldn't really do that, he can be pretty cute when he wants to be). I also took part in a Psychology experiment for someone's research - I got 8 quid for watching a video on planets, why can't all jobs be that easy? Well, it was sort of easy - I had to then write a small essay about it, which, if I'm honest, was not my best work; I spent about ten minutes trying to remember what "Dark Matter" was. I resisted the urge to make some kind of crude joke, scrawled some rubbish and legged it out of there clutching onto my £8. 

It was £8 well spent though - I got it changed into Euros and took it with me to Amsterdam, which, other than a teeny hiccup involving me throwing up into the tiniest toilet cubicle known to man, was amazing. I cannot believe that they actually let people into Anne Frank's house - in today's day and age, I'm surprised no one has scrawled 'Daz woz ere chillin Y2K10' on the back of the bookcase... and I almost forgot that they spoke a different language - it was weird to do some 'European' travelling as opposed to sat outside a 7/11 in California eating Cheetos. Nothing else much has happened since my return to the country, I have mainly sat on the sofa writing and watching shit TV. And by that, I mean really shit - yesterday I watched a programme called 'It's Me or the Dog' featuring a duo called 'Lorraine and Peanut' - apparently, they'd come very far since the beginning of the series... I do wonder how some of these shows get funding... I did, however, watch a very good film about Che Guevara the other night with my dad and sister which was pretty good, despite the fact that the guy playing him looked the spitting image of Said from Eastenders...

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