Monday, 15 February 2010

My Girl - 'Who Thought To Write This Sick Film?!'

I'm not entirely sure if I should be writing this in my current state given that I have spent the past 2 hours watching My Girl with Jayne and Megan, resulting in at least 30 minutes of spontaneous outbursts of either tears or uncontrollable giggling fits. I think it's safe to say, we are all emotionally drained. Surely the film company made some sort of huge mistake when they certified that film a PG; if I had watched that was I was ten, I'm not entirely sure I would have turned out to be the calm, collected, emotionally stable person I am today - getting over the death of Thomas J was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and here I am, putting myself through the turmoil all over again for the sake of entertainment! In the words of Jayne, 'who thought to write this sick film?!'

On a more positive note, today is Valentine's Day and I have actually received some mail! The fact that it was from my mother and consisted of some new socks, a self-help card, and a picture of an overweight squirrel accompanying some crude joke involving a tennis ball and faeces in no way makes it less exciting. I also got a free Midsummer Night's Dream poster from the English department, which was pretty exciting also. Well, by free, I mean it was on the wall by the lecture halls, and now it is on the wall in my bedroom. I decided that I deserved a treat though after my stressful morning - I'd spent about ten minutes using trial and error to determine which eye my one lasting contact lens belonged in, and whether or not it was inside out, consequently scratching my eyeball in the process. In another effort to de-stress myself, I have made a small life plan and decided that, should I ever have children, I would like them to be exact replicas of the cute Chinese baby that lives in the chip shop on Garden Lane. He gives thumbs up and high fives - how ace is that for someone under the age of three? I refuse to settle for anything less.

I met with the guy who is taking me for my Work Based Learning Placement yesterday afternoon - he rang and asked if I would be able to meet him in fifteen minutes, causing a little bit of a panic as I was still lounging around my room in last night's tights and smelling strongly of Strongbow. Fortunately, I managed to throw on a pair of jeans, brush my teeth and even have a wash before legging it into town where I circled the building at least three times before figuring out how to get inside. I then spent the next two hours being taken around every church in Chester and listening to him explain the entire history of England, occasionally chirping in with, 'yeah... wow!... I see.... yeah'. I have trouble remembering what happened last month, never mind the religious reasons behind a battle four hundred years ago. All I'm doing is taking photographs, I wasn't counting on being completely confused and unsure of what to say for a good portion of my day. Still, he finally let me go after he had cornered a poor couple trying to look around and started reciting the origins of each and every wall painting in the church.

Thankfully, today was much less daunting - me and Megan managed to make an entire roast dinner all by ourselves, just in time for Jayne arriving home from work. We even successfully managed to make cornflake buns for pudding, which, to be honest, probably shouldn't have been such a victory for three nineteen-year-olds, but what can you do?

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