Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Constantly Checking The University Website For Cancelled Lectures Is No Way For A Girl To Live

Today has been a major breakthrough in regards to my education as I have managed to fully attend both my lectures, despite staying up until about 3am repeatedly checking the university website for cancellations. I even struggled through my fatigue after losing an hour of my life when I accidentally stood on my alarm clock and apparently changed the time to an hour before. However, other than that slight mishap, my body clock is well on its way to reflecting that of a normal person's. Well, apart from the slight slip-up I had the other night when I got sucked in by SuperNanny... Honestly though, the people on that show never cease to amaze me; if you christen your child 'Tiny' then I think we all know it'll grow up to despise you and act like the anti-Christ in revenge for its hideous name.

I went back home for a night on Wednesday, which was pretty fun, with the exception of my new found knowledge that I can no longer stand up unaided on public transport. I discovered this as I went flying headfirst down the 616, landing in a crumpled heap against the windscreen and trying to hold onto what little dignity I had left. I decided later that night that it wasn't much as I drank red wine out of a 99p mug from TescoExpress and watched a lesbian love story film in the basement of a Bradford café with Kieron. It was an ace night though, and I even got to see Paul the next day before I went back to Chester so all in all the trip was a success. I was particularly impressed with the free chicken burritos I managed to get when my mother took me out for tea before my bus left. I clearly did not anticipate how spicy they actually were and spent a good portion of the journey back to Chester with watering eyes and a burning tongue. I was also pretty distraught that the batteries on my cassette walkman had run out and I was forced to spend a fair few hours listening to Savage Garden at reduced speed, which unfortunately did not turn out too great and came out of the headphones sounding more like a Darth Vader megamix than Truly, Madly, Deeply. Still, at least I wasn't listening to Morrisey - then we'd all be in trouble.

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