Monday, 18 January 2010

Life Lesson #76: Don't Make Resolutions That Are Impossible To Keep

New Years Resolutions:
  • At least try and have an average body clock - do not stay up until 7am until no reason Well, it is now 5:11, so this is a clear fail.
  • Stop eating crap - ice cream, coffee and ginger snaps do not constitute as a proper meal I have had all of these things in the past two hours, equalling another clear fail.
These evident failings have led me to be less enthusiastic about other resolutions, notably the one regarding my attendance at all my lectures unless I am drastically ill and/or dying. On Friday morning, I actually got up early in order to be on time for my seminar, but by the time I had reached the door of the vicarage I decided I couldn't bare the thought of two hours in a cripplingly stuffy room listening to a middle aged man, who is clearly going through some sort of mid-life crisis, drone on about Science Fiction novels whilst drinking tea out of what could only be described as the most feminine tea pot ever. So I went back home. (Sorry mum and dad, I promise I will go to them all from now on; I did do some extra work to make up for it, and I got a 2:1 in my essay!) I even sent my tutor an apologetic e-mail, although I almost accidentally put a kiss on the end of it, which could have been a little awkward and would probably have led to some kind of mild form of restraining order...

I realised yesterday that it is exactly fourteen weeks today until I am twenty years old and I can't say I am particularly confident that I will be ready and mature enough to be considered an 'adult'... I know technically I became an adult when I turned eighteen, but let's be honest here - when you turn eighteen, you still have two good years of being a teenager left so every cock up you make can be looked back on in fondness, as opposed to, 'oh shit. This is real life and I've just messed it up'. I should probably concentrate some of my efforts on becoming a little bit more mature, making a start with not bursting into random giggling fits when writing my essay because one of the characters in the book is called Fanny... And maybe also not be so amused by balancing porn star playing cards on sleeping people in my living room... (again, sorry mum and dad).

In good news, my dreaded presentation has been postponed until the 1st of February instead of today when it was meant to be, which I like to think is compensator for me going to all the lectures. Things on the work front are actually looking quite good for a change at the moment; I have 1,000 words of my essay already written and it has only take 24 hours. I've been rewarding myself with a game of Tetris every time I write a paragraph, so this is probably the only reason for my new found motivation to write, but still, the words are on the page so who can complain?

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