Monday, 7 December 2009

Unauthorised Advent Calendar Openings: 0, Self Control: 1

It's 5:36am and instead of finishing my essay like I should be, I am sat on my bed, staring out of the window and listening to Whitney Houston. Probably not the most productive of activities, but at least I'm happy. The main reason for my good mood is the new layout of my bedroom, which is, worryingly, probably the most exciting thing to happen since the rat incident. Tonight's rearranging was a lot more successful than the other night when I accidentally trapped myself and Jayne in my bedroom and then, after about three hours of hard grafting, decided I didn't like it and moved it all back...Tonight though, after a lot of pushing and pulling, and some very questionable noises from Megan, we managed to switch the positions of my bed and my wardrobe so I can now run into my room and leap straight onto my bed, which might not seem that great now, but when I've had a bad day, not having to do the slight turn that I usually would makes all the difference in the world. It wasn't easy though - trying to manouver a double bed in a tiny room filled with five people isn't the easiest of tasks... makes me wonder whether having a big bed is really worth it, especially when I'm not even using it for fun things. Oh well, at least it is stable, unlike Megan's, which we discovered was broken earlier on when I lept on it and the middle of the mattress completely sunk in... I refuse to believe it was me that broke it, even though I was leaping around on it, and I did put a chair in the middle and then sit on it.

Very little else has happened recently, most of us have been struck down in the prime of life by essays/debates/presentations and the likes, although the arrival of an artificial Christmas tree has done quite a good job of calming the atmosphere. I have decided I should maybe start thinking properly about my presentation seeing as we having been 'working on it' since September and I have yet to start... I was in the library the other day and happened to see a group from my lecture all sat around a massive table making charts and slides for their amazing presentation - slightly worrying. I wasn't even there to do work, I was taking things back and paying a fine, which just added to my feeling like a failure. Although, I bet their bedrooms don't look as good as mine.

Essays and presentations aside, everything at the moment seems to be going good - Kez, Gemma and Sarah are coming to visit next week (along with my mother and Auntie Sue) so that should be fun, we can get drunk and I'll be able to prove that Chester Uni pisses all over Swansea, Leeds and Manchester =) That's only Friday night though, I'm not entirely sure how I am expected to entertain my mother on Saturday; there's only so much time a "cultural trip around the walls" will take up, and after that the only other thing I can think of is the zoo. I'm not sure how impressed my mother would be trudging around a zoo in the rain watching monkies eat their own poo, but I will suggest it anyway.

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