Friday, 1 January 2010

"I Love NYE"

Why is it that people say, ‘merry Christmas’ and yet we would never say, ‘merry New Year’? This is the question I have been pondering for the past ten minutes whilst sat in my living room on my own trying to decide whether to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary or Titanic and eating my way through an entire packet of Angel Delight. I feel relatively sick now but I’m quite sure I will soon make a start on the box of breadsticks that are creeping into my eyeline from the kitchen worktop, ruining at least one of my New Year’s Resolutions before the day has even begun.

Definitely going to start on my resolutions tomorrow, first and foremost I am actually going to do some work given that I’ve had very little time recently due to family parties/working horrid hours/being lazy etc, mainly just watching BID TV and discussing with Sally all the useless shit we could buy. I used to think infomercials were a complete waste of time, but after watching 27 minutes worth of advertising for the ‘EZ Bed’ my mind was changed. I felt a bit weary at the beginning when the ‘leading lady’ exclaimed with such horror about how sleeping bags are ‘the WORST’ and there is nothing more embarrassing than making your guest sleep on the floor (which I found odd, as I have made guests sleep on the floor before, and flying into a magazine rack in a trolley in Tesco definitely still trumps it on the embarrassment scale), but by the end I can’t say I wasn’t drawn in. Apparently it is like sleeping on a cloud, and after watching it inflate and deflate itself in LESS THAN THIRTY SECONDS, I was most definitely on the verge of ordering one and was just about to pick up the phone when a new advert started for an EcoSteamMaster and I was sucked in by that one also. Decided it was time to stop when I felt an overpowering urge to buy a WonderMop and went to bed in an attempt to sleep off Tuesday night’s hangover after one of Auntie Sue’s infamous house parties. I spent most of Wednesday morning throwing up and hanging my head out of the car window on the M62, hoping against hope that I wouldn’t throw up in the Pringles tube so thoughtfully provided by my sister. Finally felt well enough to go into work at 4 o’clock, by which time I didn’t really see much point seeing as we closed at 6, but as is life, I struggled through. Most definitely didn’t feel up to drinking again tonight and am extremely glad I stayed in with Bridget Jones and a host of snack food to keep me company. Roll on 2010!

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