Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Fererro Rochers, Quality Streets and Paper Tissue - Clearly Mini-Artists In The Making

So, after months of hearing Mariah Carey christmas songs played over and over and over again, being blinded by the thousands of light-up reindeers on people's front doors and being almost crushed to death in the city centre by prams full of shopping (no children ever in sight), Christmas is over in... a day. Makes you wonder if it's actually really worth all the hype. The week leading up to Christmas was pretty fun, mainly due to Sally's 21st birthday party which came to a bit of a messy but fun end after I discovered I had drank near enough an entire bottle of rum to myself. I should have realised the evening was shaping up to be an exciting night before we had even got there when I managed to direct the taxi man about a mile past Sally's house. For the record, I have been to Sally's house many a time so I am still not quite sure how it happened, but I definitely know me and Rachael had to tramp down Sally's road in the snow for about ten minutes, by which time we were in such hysterics that by the time we arrived everyone thought we were already drunk. Another highlight of the week was my last shift at work when, as it was Christmas Eve and we were shutting for three days, the staff got to take home a bundle of free stuff. As I watched hoards of workers dive towards the reduced shelf grabbing all they could carry, I realised that gluttony is obviously a deadly sin that is not taken in high regard at my work. Then I realised that standing there pretending to be calm and collected would not get me any free pies, so I took a run up and joined in the chaos. All the excitement must have been too much though because when I got home I noticed that quite a bit of the stuff I had taken was not part of the free selection and I had actually just been on a thieving rampage...

Over all, Christmas has been pretty ace this year, with a surprisingly good turn out of gifts also! Kezia got me a ceramic box filled with little bits of coloured card all with different lyrics written on them (I was very impressed with her creative side this year) and that was probably my favourite, along with my new camera, which I have found it hard to part with since it arrived last week. I have managed to take over 400 photos in three days, leading me to thinking I should probably spend less time behind a lens and more time doing... well, anything productive really.

Christmas day was got off to a good start when we opened our stockings in the morning (that's all that was left, our family has very little self control and had opened the majority of the presents on Christmas Eve when Kezia came home from work). This year's haul was rather impressive with the only questionable gifts being a giant Flake EasterEgg and some mulled spices, quite a cut down from the usual pile of Elvis Presley bears, raccoon backpacks and an assortment of other strange gifts. Once Kez had finished work, we headed down to Auntie Sue's, having finally been able to dig the car out of the road and actually leave the confines of Ash Tree Avenue. The main part of the day was spent lazing around, arguing over cheese boards and playing SpotTheIntro. It soon became clear why our family is not a boardgame family after many a dispute over people cheating/people helping other teams/and/or the answers on the gamesheet being wrong. Needless to say, we didn't get to finish it before certain members of the family needed to put it away and make a start on the wine.

I always find the aftermath of Christmas to be the messiest time of year in our house. It's always easy to spot the abode of a primary school teacher given the endless amounts of tissue paper, fancy gift bags and Fererro Rocher papers layered about the place ordered by size, colour and texture. Clearly the limited resources of Bradford schools show themselves when you have to scrounge around your family and friends for their Quality Street wrappers. I personally feel for the poor creative souls in nursery that could have made it as big as Picasso, but instead of acryllic paints the only materials they had to work with were the empty Celebrations tins and the metal containers of a mince pie selection box (and even then it was only the Farm Shop's own).

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