Monday, 30 November 2009

The Blacks Will Be Grey, And The Whites Will Be Grey, But The Blues Are Still Blue

New Years Resolutions:
  • At least try and have an average body clock - do not stay up till 7am for no reason
  • No one is forcing you to be at university, so do not moan about essays or any other kind of assessment. Sit down, shut up, and write
  • Try and accept the fact that Jayne will be gone for a year, and do not sit and swear at her continuously for two hours
  • Stop eating crap - ice cream, coffee and ginger nuts do not constitute as a proper meal
  • Stop being a dickhead
  • Consider small life plan

Although the sooner rectified the better, the above things are acceptable until December 31st, which is thankfully 4 weeks away, better giving me the chance to prepare myself for the person I am about to become. Should probably not swear at Jayne for two hours again though, not sure I would be able to get away with it twice... Hopefully I'll be able to practice my self-control this year and not eat the entirity of my advent calendar in one go as a "midnight snack".

The past week has been pretty uneventful - or, at least, I think it has. I seem to have been in a world of my own recently with little to no clue what's going on around me, leaving essay deadlines and presentation work to creep up on me without my realising... I was aware enough, however, to notice the giant bastard of a rat that suddenly entered my life the other night. Me and Jayne were casually crossing the bridge over the canal when, low and behold, a gigantic monster leapt out from a dark corner. Needless to say, we shat ourselves and legged it up the street, hoping to God that it wasn't following. Thankfully, we escaped, only now I am left with a horrible sensation everytime I see something that is smaller than a cat, whether moving or motionless, and seems for a split second to be that exact same rat.

We also had a minor hiccup with the fire alarm last week after it went off for no reason at all - seriously, there wasn't even a pair of hair straighteners on. Not only did it blast out at a ridiculously high volume, it continued to do so for the next thirty minutes until our landlord came round and opened the machine up, eventually shutting it off and leaving us all to feel like we had spent the last three days at a Slipknot concert. Thankfully the stress levels weren't too high as Alex was busy dressing up as a bear for work (no lie: suit, head, paws - the whole deal) and Megan was out buying a carpet...

I wish I had something else of worth to say, but alas my life at the moment consists of essays, essays, Strongbow, and more essays.

Oh, and two creme eggs.

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