Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Just Say No!

I have a feeling that my life would a be a lot easier if I could JustSayNo. Everything was going fine until Thursday morning when a man from "British Gas" (ok, he didn't actually say that he was from there, but I just assumed he was) came round to read the gas and electric metres. I let him in and he was chatting away to us (mainly Jayne when he discovered they went to the same school, he seemed to go off me a little when I told him I was from Bradford...) and took all my details for his form and got me to sign it. It was then I realised he was from a different company and I had just signed the house over to "SouthernElectric". Mint. After he had ruined my life, he left me and Jayne to have a mini freak out (mainly me, as it was ((naturally)) my fault that we were in this pickle) and I ended up having to ring the company and explain the situation (that I was a knob) and could we please cancel and stay with British Gas? They said that was fine and it was cancelled, suspiciously fast I thought, but hopefully it will be ok now.
I am also, through my inability to say no, the set rep for my Brave New Worlds class, which I have since discovered is actually a Science Fiction module - a fact that failed to be mentioned on the sign up sheet. Apparently, I have to go to meetings and actually speak about the module, which makes me want to die a little inside. However, I have told myself to stop moaning and decided to wear spock ears to said meetings and make the most out of it.
I have spent the majority of today not going to my lectures and making a list of things I do which contribute positively to my life. It is worryingly small. However, I found a quid in my coat pocket and pasta packets were on offer in Tesco, so I have come to the realisation maybe the world isn't so bad after all.

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