Saturday, 31 October 2009

"How Do You Say, 'Amy, Stop Eating My F*cking Food,' In Turkish?"

insert funny Hallowe'en picture hereI couldn't upload an actual picture as I seem to have misplaced the camera lead somewhere in my bedroom, along with various other important things such as the packet of bobbles I bought the other day, my motivation, and our Tesco clubcard. Actually, not the clubcard, I just remembered we found it sandwiched inbetween the Trivial Pursuit playing cards. We've managed to hit the 600 point mark, which means we've spent roughly around £300 in the past month at Tesco... Admittedly, it was mainly on Strongbow and fake blood, but still.
To say I have only been to one days worth of lectures this week, it has been pretty hectic (translation: I have left the house more than twice). On Tuesday I went out for the first time ever without any of my housemates - I felt like a baby butterfly wriggling out of its cocoon and spreading its social wings. The fact that I went home early because I was scared in no way makes this experience any less special. By Wednesday night though I was back where I belonged, going out with my housemates and then coming home and eating ice cream. Katie's sister was up for a few days so we went out on the Thursday night as well and I learnt the Riverside dance and some other dance which I can't remember the name of, but, rest assured, I looked just as equally ridiculous. However, I somehow managed to smack my head into the side of a bathroom stall and have now forgotten both dances and an entire portion of my childhood memories. I was slightly traumatised for a while but calmed down once I realised Megan was getting chips and gravy on the way home and she said I could have some. We got probably the nicest taxi driver in the world on the way home (although I may be biased in saying that because I was really happy because he charged us 60p less that he should have). He was Turkish and by the end of it he had taught Megan how to say, 'Amy, stop eating my fucking food' - in reality, he probably said, 'you're a drunken mess, please shut up and leave my taxi as soon as possible and I will knock 60p off the fare'. Still, the thought was there.
We went to the SU on Friday night in true Hallowe'en spirit dressed as dead school girls - well, Megan, Jayne and Alex were dead school girls, I was just exceptionally gothic looking with bigger hair than usual. The only downside was getting fake blood on the white bit of the sofa, but thankfully our landlord appears to be quite the puff and had already supplied us with a different sofa cover if we didn't like the pattern of the first one. The new one is 'denim' and dark, which was good news in relation to the party we had last night in that you can't really notice if there is blood/wine/a squished jelly worm on it. To say we thought people wouldn't come, the party turned out to be quite a success, complete with more guests than housemates and three plastic rats. The rats weren't for Hallowe'en, they were in honour of the rat(s) we may or may not have living in our yard and taking food from our binbags. Basically, there was a hole in one of the binbags that looked suspiciously like the outline of a rat and an entire chicken carcass has been carried away, most likely to some kind of rat convention where they all sit around, talk about binbags and eat chicken carcasses. We have also been led to believe that the cheeky bastards helped themselves to some BabyBel cheese, which is quite beyond rude. Thankfully, this coming week is reading week and I can stay in bed all day and pretend that my life is not infested by giant rats. Ace.

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