Sunday, 25 October 2009

"Fancy a game of hide the sausage?"

Good things to come out of this week:
  • My Tuesday lecture was cancelled due to the (unfortunate) illness of my lecturer
  • I had not devoured all my cheese on Monday night, which enabled me to celebrate said cancelled lecture with cheese and crisp sandwich
  • My science fiction meeting was not actually anything to do with science fiction but instead about next year's academic year possibly being extended by six weeks (possibility of point being void if proposed idea goes through)
  • Megan left the freezer door open for 24 hours, resulting in the defrosting and consequent disposal of four drawers of food (this actually counts as two points as it had comedy value and it wasn't my fault)
  • I found a ten pound note in my coat pocket
However, much of the positive energy created by my successful week evaporated today after I somehow didn't wake up until 4, and then realised, whilst watching Camp Rock, that there are very few things I wouldn't give up to be Demi Lovato. This turned into an out of body experience in which I looked down at myself, surrounded by empty crisp packets and three day old sweet and sour duck, and decided I needed to get my life together. Since then I have watched a hideous horror film resulting in me and Jayne clinging to each other in a manner similar to that of baby koalas, eaten half a tub of ice cream and watched a shit TV program about the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan... This probably doesn't bode well. On the other hand, today has not entirely lacked productivity. I am, of course, classing my father, who is now back in the country after swanning off to Cyprus for two weeks, ringing me and spending ten minutes on the phone playing me his new ringtones (one of which was the theme tune to Psycho) as a productive use of my time. Also, me and Jayne have discovered a small encyclopedia of euphamisms (such as 'spear the bearded clam') after a boy Megan met on a night out text her saying, 'D'you fancy a game of hide the sausage?'... And people say romance is dead.

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