Tuesday, 6 October 2009

"Can we turn 'Summer Holiday' up please? I'm getting a right boner here."

I've actually paid (or will pay back in the future) £3,225 to sit in a lecture hall and listen to an actual professional ramble on for two whole hours (no break, no joke) about ficticious planets named Nerg and Niron. Really. I had to share my ideas with the group on how I would go about getting all the Nergs (people from the planet Nerg, if you are unfamiliar with the lingo) to mine their minerals and give them to planet Niron without any form of payment. One girl suggested, with a little too much enthusiasm, that "if we dress some Nirons up as Nergs and have them convince all the other Nergs to mine, we will be victorious!" It was around then that I wanted to die. In the next lecture though we watched an episode of Blackadder, so things got a little brighter and I felt I could loosen the noose. Not that it's evident from the story, but that was a Sociology lecture. My English lectures are a whole different kettle of fish. Our new tutor is clearly insane; the other day she went off on a twenty minute tangent about how she stalks dead people and has seen Wordsworth's actual socks... But she likes True Blood, and is actually hilarious, so we'll let the insanity pass.
Life in the house is going good as we now have actual BT Vision as well as the internet (and yes, it comes with a karoke channel, as I discovered on the morning of its arrival when I was woken up by Megan's harrowing rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time...) Hopefully Alex will find something better to watch than Summer Holiday, the actual film with Cliff himself, which we were all forced to watch the other day with the volume on loud because she was 'getting a right boner'. Ace.
In other news, I am shit at life. Given that we are clearly greedy but skint, me and Jayne bought a pizza from Tesco and, for some unclear reason, I was left in charge of putting it in the oven. Bad move. Apparently, when you don't use the free baking tray, the pizza turns less 'pizza' and more 'cheese and pepperoni surprise'. Good one, Amy.

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