Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Stop Stirring Yer Tea, Dick'ed!

So, I am back in wonderful Chester and am more than impressed with my new house. Compared with last years maggot-ridden kitchen, this is actually a mansion. However, we don't have the internet, can't get the TV to work and I have broken my laptop charger, which pretty much leaves little left to do except watch old Phoenix Nights videos and Free Willy 3: The Rescue. Still, it's a lot better than working 42 hours a week and I get to lie in here. Also, Tesco have an offer on on Strongbow (two "on"s sounds weird...) and we managed to get 30 cans for 20 quid - what more could you want?

I am quite missing work; my last day was pretty eventful, mainly because I knocked over a giant stand of Whiskas cat food, but also because the managers finally decided to watch us on CCTV and realise that we actually weren't doing any work. One of the terrible three managers, J, came down and asked if we needed jobs to do because it wasn't very busy, so Rachel, badass 36-year-old that she is, told him we've been "rushed off our feet". J then proceeded to rant on and on about how he'd been watching us fanny around for an hour on the cameras and how dare she answer him back. She then bit back with, 'don't talk to me like I'm a child,' resulting in a harsh 'Rachel. Office. Now.' She was up there for a good ten minutes and came back down looking a little forlorn telling us we all needed to work faster. Obviously, there was nothing to do faster, so I contented myself with walking up and down the counter at speed, touching anything I could see. Actually, I really don't miss it...

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