Monday, 28 September 2009

Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me, Please Don't Stop

Sad as it sounds, I am inexplicably excited by the fact that all residents of my house are now ON THE INTERNET! And all it took was three weeks, some money and a little man to come round and fix the line (obviously it didn't work first time we tried to install it - why would it in our house?).

Today was the first day of term after a pretty alright Fresher's week - I woke up on the first morning and entered the living room in search for food only to be greeted by a shrine of pictures of the Siddle family... not entirely sure why they were there (or why they are still there a week later) but, along with Alex's flower display, they did brighten up the living room a bit. What they did not brighten up, however, was my beast of a hangover that has stayed all week and has now just turned into full-on flu... well, a very bad cold at least. The rest of Fresher's week has been mostly a blur of Strongbow and feeling shit - nice one. I did go and see the Veronicas on Friday with Naomi though; it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to (despite me and Naomi standing in the queue for 45 minutes, only to realise it was the queue for Florence and the Machine and not the Veronicas... Not only did we have to leave the queue embarrassed, we had to then stand in the correct queue whilst everyone from Florence and the Machine stared at us and snickered. Nice one.)

Nothing much else rivetting has happened, today was basically just first lectures and enrollment - I had a minor panic when my form said 'Amount For Student To Pay: £3,225' but then the lady crossed it out and it was fine. To be honest though, it would not have surprised me in the slightest if I'd had to cough up three grand on my first day.

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