Monday, 28 September 2009

Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me, Please Don't Stop

Sad as it sounds, I am inexplicably excited by the fact that all residents of my house are now ON THE INTERNET! And all it took was three weeks, some money and a little man to come round and fix the line (obviously it didn't work first time we tried to install it - why would it in our house?).

Today was the first day of term after a pretty alright Fresher's week - I woke up on the first morning and entered the living room in search for food only to be greeted by a shrine of pictures of the Siddle family... not entirely sure why they were there (or why they are still there a week later) but, along with Alex's flower display, they did brighten up the living room a bit. What they did not brighten up, however, was my beast of a hangover that has stayed all week and has now just turned into full-on flu... well, a very bad cold at least. The rest of Fresher's week has been mostly a blur of Strongbow and feeling shit - nice one. I did go and see the Veronicas on Friday with Naomi though; it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to (despite me and Naomi standing in the queue for 45 minutes, only to realise it was the queue for Florence and the Machine and not the Veronicas... Not only did we have to leave the queue embarrassed, we had to then stand in the correct queue whilst everyone from Florence and the Machine stared at us and snickered. Nice one.)

Nothing much else rivetting has happened, today was basically just first lectures and enrollment - I had a minor panic when my form said 'Amount For Student To Pay: £3,225' but then the lady crossed it out and it was fine. To be honest though, it would not have surprised me in the slightest if I'd had to cough up three grand on my first day.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

"Oh, By The Way, There's A Mystery Switch In My Room..."

So, after almost two weeks of not having a working TV, we now have one, complete with working digibox thing. Apparently, the mystery switch under my bed that I hadn't told anyone about was the switch to turn on the ariel... I was extremely popular with Jayne once she realised we could have been watching TV since we moved in... Our landlord came around the other night to go through some things and help us get the washing machine working - we'd filled it with clothes and washing powder a few days before, only to realise that it was a pile of crap that didn't work. There didn't seem to be any water going in and all it did was spin, occasionally making a noise that probaby shouldn't have been coming out of a home appliance. After sitting motionless and watching it for quarter of an hour, we decided to go to the library and find some help, alas to no avail. In the end we decided to just take the clothes out (after waiting forever for the door lock light to turn off) and leave it for the landlord. He switched the water switch at the back and now it is fully functioning, an exciting prospect in our dull lives. However, it could be slightly awkward the next time he comes around as Jayne wasted no time describing how fit he looks with his beard (which he really does) and then said, "I can't believe he's married!" before we realised he was actually still stood in the hallway putting on his shoes... We should totally write in to the Cringe! page of Mizz... 

Since getting the TV to work (yesterday), all motivation to do anything else has completely disappeared. Jayne decided that I had hit a new low after realising I hadn't moved since Jeremy Kyle had started in the morning and had sat there to watch Ricki Lake, Murder She Wrote, Monk (a "crime drama" apparently), and Countdown.  Things are not looking good for my new Doing-More-Work frame of mind...

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Stop Stirring Yer Tea, Dick'ed!

So, I am back in wonderful Chester and am more than impressed with my new house. Compared with last years maggot-ridden kitchen, this is actually a mansion. However, we don't have the internet, can't get the TV to work and I have broken my laptop charger, which pretty much leaves little left to do except watch old Phoenix Nights videos and Free Willy 3: The Rescue. Still, it's a lot better than working 42 hours a week and I get to lie in here. Also, Tesco have an offer on on Strongbow (two "on"s sounds weird...) and we managed to get 30 cans for 20 quid - what more could you want?

I am quite missing work; my last day was pretty eventful, mainly because I knocked over a giant stand of Whiskas cat food, but also because the managers finally decided to watch us on CCTV and realise that we actually weren't doing any work. One of the terrible three managers, J, came down and asked if we needed jobs to do because it wasn't very busy, so Rachel, badass 36-year-old that she is, told him we've been "rushed off our feet". J then proceeded to rant on and on about how he'd been watching us fanny around for an hour on the cameras and how dare she answer him back. She then bit back with, 'don't talk to me like I'm a child,' resulting in a harsh 'Rachel. Office. Now.' She was up there for a good ten minutes and came back down looking a little forlorn telling us we all needed to work faster. Obviously, there was nothing to do faster, so I contented myself with walking up and down the counter at speed, touching anything I could see. Actually, I really don't miss it...