Saturday, 8 August 2009

Mini Road Trips, and Things Less Exciting

I hate customers:

  • who think the sun shines out of their child's arse, and continue to think this as said child speeds down the counter touching every square inch of clean glass
  • who think that what the label says, goes. 'Can I have an onion bhaji?' 'That's chocolate cake...' 'But the label says onion bhaji...'
  • who are at least sixty-five years of age and ask me if it hurts my boyfriend when I kiss him with my lip ring in, and then give me a creepy wink and ask if we can try it out

I definitely do not get paid enough for this. I have worked 42 hours this week and have had very little sleep over the past two nights. I went out on Thursday night and got spectacularly drunk, so much so that by the time I started at 8am on Friday I was still completely off my face. But it was fun to catch up with my old school gang =) And on Wednesday I went out for a drive with Sally and we saw horses and talked about things, so that was fun. And that's pretty much it for my riveting life at the moment, how for now!

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