Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Yes, I Love A Cinderella Story, No, I Do Not Want 1,000,000 Hours At Work, and Yes, I Am Happy

On the work side of things, it would appear my boss seems to think I have some kind of gambling problem and as a result has put me on the rota for every hour under the sun. I could use the money though, and the entertainment's good; an old man came over the other day and explained that his wife had wandered off with his walking stick - he informed us that he couldn't go too far without it and needed to find his wife, yet he couldn't remember what she was wearing, or what colour hair she had. He was, however, pretty confident that her name was Jean and insisted that I shouted it through the shop at the top of my lungs, alas to no avail (Jean had snuck off to the greenhouse to buy a plant, the cow).

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