Thursday, 9 July 2009

WeightWatchers Ready Meals For One - The Story Of My Life, by Amy Rooke

So, I have just unloaded the shopping and, no joke, it contained only the following:
  • Two corn on the cobs (cobs of corn, corn-i, whatever the plural is)
  • One "tree" of brocolli
  • Two cucumbers
  • A leek
  • A bunch of bananas
  • Two boxes of strawberries
  • Three potatoes

Now, I know my mum's all buzzing off this whole "you're on a diet" thing, but come on, with no alcohol my body has already had the shock of it's poor life, and now this? Ace.

However, it is not all bad, because there are enough ingredients to make smoothies and watch Juno with Kezia, which is funnnn :)

My whole "leave the house every once in a while" plan is going quite well also - I went to Sally's on Tuesday and we lazed around and listened to hip music and ate potatoes :) And we watched the Michael Jackson memorial thing - we thought they were going to lift the coffin lid but they didn't, much to Sally's disappointment because she is secretly a really morbid goth :) Today I went and played at Lauren's and spent most of the day watching Maury (note to self: never turn into a white-trash hillbilly and print out phony DNA test to try and convince random-rapman that he has fathered my child).

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