Sunday, 19 July 2009

Over Worked and Under Paid

How can I work at the same place for three years and only now realise there is a much shorter way of getting home?! I walk past it every single time as well. I never cease to amaze myself. It is almost as bad as the time I took the car to work and only remembered when my shift was over and I had already walked halfway home... I had to turn back and collect it. It was, quite frankly, very embarrassing.
Also, may not actually still have job. My boss text me asking me to check if the big walk in fridge was closed. I replied saying I went in and there were three looters in balaclavas taking everything... He hasn't text back, which does not bode well.

I went to see Harry Potter on Thursday with Simon and it was ace, even though they left out the majority of the book and most of the good bits. But Ron looked beautiful :) We ended up having to sit in the cool seats at the top because I was late and the only two seats left weren't together. I thought it was an added bonus, but Simon was all flustered because we weren't on time. We didn't miss any of the film though, or I would have cried.

Nothing much else is going on, I have been working all week, and will probably be working most of next week, and every day for the rest of my life ever ever ever. And just to add salt to the wound, my mother has given away my Famous Five books which I am NOT happy about. At all. On the plus side, I found some cans of Strongbow that I forgot I had so me and Sally can drink them, and I am going to see Jayne soon and play on the beach, so all in all, it is good :)

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