Friday, 5 June 2009

University =)

So my exams are all over (until resits in August) and I can officially say that I am no longer a Fresher! I'm actually well gutted that the first year is over, and pretty amazed at how fast it's gone. Next year will be ace though and I actually cannot WAIT. Here are some things I've learnt during my first year:

~ It's possible to become best friends with someone in less than three months
~ I can live, quite easily, without being dependent on my parents
~ No matter how nice/funny/laid back they are, there will always be something odd about people from the south

~ It's possible to sleep until 7pm
~ There are few things less exciting than the realisation that you can order pizza over the phone and pay with your bank card
~ One of the things more exciting is going on a night out and discovering there is a roller disco
~ Roller discos + me and Jayne = actual chaos
~ Shopping trips to Tesco can be more entertaining that T.V.
~ I will stay up till 5:30am when I have an exam the next day
~ It's easy to gain a lot of weight in very little time
~ I can live in a place for a year and only start discovering new places when it's time to go home

~ I can meet people in September, and then by December not understand how I lived without them
~ Kissing someone without knowing their name becomes somewhat normal
~ Leaving mince in a pan for a week will result in necessary disposal of said pan
~ It's possible to go three weeks without cleaning the kitchen and a small description this will feature in my suicide note
~ The words, 'I'm going to kill myself' become part of a daily routine
~ WhyBird is hilarious
~ Ker-Plunk and Frustration create more anger than any worldly issues
~ I can write 2,000 words on a subject I know nothing about
~ I can spend £100 in a week and have absolutely nothing to show for it
~ My library fines can get so high I have to pay by cheque
~ Making a giant slide down the stairs from matresses is hilarious, but will end in injury (i.e. me taking flight)
~ Prank calling Megan at work will always be funny
~ The student loans company are not reliable
~ We can spend £300 joining a gym, another £18 for matching gym bags, and still proceed, every Thursday, to say, 'let's go to the chippy'.
~ We can sit in A&E until 5am just to hear the doctor say, 'she'll have a bruise'.
~ Crisps can be a way of life
~ Face rapists do exist

~ Coming second in the SU quiz and winning a £20 bar tab can create more happiness than I imagine actual graduation would